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31. Stage from Tekirdag nach Silivri

Before I report from today, I would like to bring a supplement from yesterday evening. When I set out for a stroll through Tekirdag in the early evening, I first strolled a bit aimlessly through the streets. The town, like Kesan, is full of small stores that have their displays absolutely crammed with everything there is to buy in the store. Outside big signs and a lot of bling-bling. In addition, a lot of shouting and the noise of traffic.

Then I entered a large building where, according to google, there should be a grocery store. This building turned out to be a super fancy big city shopping mall that you would have rather guessed was in Istanbul, Berlin or some other major European city. 4 levels of consumerism at its finest. Another surprise.

Today started early again, but this time with a nice breakfast buffet at my hotel. Around 7:30 am I then started. Again on a less attractive route. As the last two days also: either highway or gravel road. I drove predominantly the highway. If you look at it positively, there is a separate lane in Turkey from the border to Istanbul, which is only used by me. Is only part of a highway - you can not have everything and besides, you get on well.

With it the highlights of the Tour today are also already reported. In the Relive film I have tried to accommodate at least some pictures of the day. Spectacularly goes however differently. Is just so in this part of the bike trip.

But my destination Silivri has welcomed me very very friendly. The colorful house that I photographed from the beach on arrival was my hotel in the end - and it is again a great one.

Absolutely nice promenade with its own bike paths, a small harbor, again a lively colorful town, beaches and animals in the water. My plans for swimming I have then discarded.

On the main square Cedar spoke to me. He has lived and worked in Berlin for 25 years, then also in Rome and in Spain and has been back in Turkey for 7 years. We talked for an intensive half hour about the meaning of life and then said goodbye as friends - that's just the way it goes.

So far I have always faded out the topic a bit. But tomorrow ends the stage in Istanbul and thus the "active" part of the bike trip. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and how it feels to reach a goal after 5 weeks, which I doubted on the way. But today is still Silivri to discover.

The pictures of today's stage:

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