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30. Stage from Kesan to Tekirdag

They say that in life you always meet twice. I would like to exclude that for my hotel in Kesan. That there has been no rating at Booking, I noticed only afterwards. I first wanted to take a photo of the shower drain, but then decided against it. I also didn't photograph any animals that had been run over. And there were some of them. And there were also some real messes.

So I got up early and at 7 o'clock I was already sitting on the bike. On the one hand to escape the accommodation but also to drive as much as possible of the route outside the heat from noon. To the Komoot has announced today in addition to the approximately 90 km also over 1,000 meters of altitude.

From Kesan I drove the first 10 km on gravel roads. Everything beside the main connection to Istanbul (looks like a highway, but you can use it with the bike) becomes unpaved very quickly. And unpaved roads can really only be driven slowly with luggage. In addition, the free-living dogs of the region had their fun with me on the first section. So the rest then again on the highway.

And that already tells the essence of the route. 1,144 meters of altitude on the highway by bike are not for the faint of heart. You can see the next 3 km - also the slopes, mostly a straight line. In the end, this section of the trip will certainly not end up at the top in terms of the attractiveness of the routes.

For this came the compensation in Tekirdag. The hotel "Granbella", also booked via Booking, revealed itself as a real 4-star hotel - at almost the same price as yesterday's aragement. What a pleasant reward. It seemed to me, however, again a bit strange when the porter took the luggage bags from the dusty bike traveler (so me) and brought to the room. But: there are worse things.

Here again for the interested the today's height profile:

And then today's route:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 17, 2023

Impressive elevation profile . I was sweating just looking at it! 😂😂😂

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