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Istanbul by bike

from Wolfenbüttel to Istanbul

On Monday, May 15, 2023, it will (have been) time for me to set off on my 5-week journey from Wolfenbüttel to Istanbul. The elaborate preparations are then behind me and it finally starts.

Istanbul by bike!








On this website I provide information about the motivation, preparation and planning of this adventure.


In the blog I will report about the course with daily updates of my tour (if possible) and the surely exciting "deviations" between planning and reality.

I hope to infect one or the other with (bike) travel fever - have fun!






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The Track

The planning of the track is based on a tour I found on the net.

In the detailed planning I have adapted the track according to my ideas.

You can find more about the route via the menu or here. 

bisher gefahren (Start der Tour 15. Mai 2023):

3.204 km

31.024 Hm

171 h 31 min

nächst Etappe / next stage:

Mission accomplished

letzte Etappe / last driven stage:

Silivri - Istanbul

18. Juni 2023

82 km / 863 Hm

Featured Post


I feel very fortunate and privileged to have the opportunity to plan and carry out such a trip, for which I am very grateful. This has motivated me to combine this tour with a fundraiser again. More about the fundraiser can be found here.​


As a humanitarian medical organization, Médecins Sans Frontières is committed to providing high-quality and efficient health care in countries where the survival of people is at risk due to diseases, wars and disasters - such as that earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

If you like this site you are welcome to contribute to the good cause. My goal is to collect 1€ for every kilometer driven.


Vielen Dank !

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