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Das Rad

The Bike

Also on this trip I will be on the road with my Rose Backroad Gravelbike. Since I bought this bike with carbon frame 2019, it has become my absolute favorite bike. It combines the advantages of a MTB, with which you can ride many paths off paved roads regardless of the surface, and the smooth running of a classic road bike. This makes it for me the ideal bike for bike trips. Here are a few more details about the bike:  


  • Gearshift: Ultegra DI2 11-speed  

  •  Gear ratio: compact crank 50/34, sprocket set 12-32  

  •  Tires: Continental Terra Trail 40mmSchaltung: Ultegra DI2 


Outdoor - Camping


On this trip I will be the first time also with tent on the road and hope to intensify the outdoor part with it and to expand the tour by another dimension. However, I will not spend the night exclusively in the tent and mix camping and hotel accommodation depending on the weather and mood. In order not to increase the equipment to be transported and thus the weight too much, I will do without a stove and the necessary kitchen accessories. So I will feed myself "cold" from the supermarket or just go to a restaurant for hot food.  


Big Agners Copper Spur

HV UL2 Bikepack

2-person tent that ist made by its short division of the tent 

poles a pack size of 34 x 18cm and a weight of 1.6kg 

for bike travel.  


Sleeping Bag

Sea to summit Spark 1 long

very light down sleeping bag with 360g; compressible to the size of a drinking bottle; as a summer sleeping bag to comfort temperatures of 9 ° C; in the "long-version" for heights up to 193cm


Insulation Pad

Thermarest Neoair xlite large

Thermarest neoair xlite large; dimensions (outside) 64 x 196 cm; pack size: 28 x 11 cm; weight: 460 g; with a thickness of 6.4cm and R-value of 4.2 well insulating and nice and thick for good sleep after long days on the bike


The Luggage

The setup of the last tours with a rear rack on which I hang two saddlebags, a frame bag and a backpack for valuables, has proven itself. This combination gives me enough space and the bike can still be ridden and controlled well.  


The classic Gravel luggage setup with ass rocket (bags under the saddle) and frame and handlebar bag are too small for me from the storage space. In addition, I feel a bag on the handlebars as a foreign body that worsens the handling of the bike.  

20200630_121713099_iOS (2).jpg
IMG_2797 (2).JPG

For the camping equipment I have mounted on the fork two Topeak VersaCage luggage holders by means of clamps. Here, the camping equipment is attached in waterproof lightweight Ortlieb luggage rolls (7l) with tension straps.

Let's see how that works over 3,500km.  


  • Black Creek saddle bag 15l  

  •  Rose Custommade GT luggage rack  

  •  Frame bag Ortlieb Frame-Pack Toptube  

  •  RACE AIR bike backpack  

  •  Topeak VersaCage pannier holder for fork  

  •  DRY-BAG PS10 VALVE Ortlieb luggage roll  


The Packing List

For those who are interested in the details of what I take and don't take on the tour, I have linked my personal packing list.   


Concerning camping equipment I am rather inexperienced - you should know that. Except plates and cutlery I do without stove and kitchen utensils. Because I am traveling by bike and there I rather follow the principle:  

Travel with "light luggage"

Foto & Video

Foto & Video

Gopro-1 (2).jpg

GoPro Hero 10

For the high-resolution stuff,

time lapse movies....

I have my GoPro with me.

mavic-air-2-4 (3).jpg

DJI Mavic Air 2

I make unbeatable beautiful aerial shots with my drone.

Moreover, flying with it is

incredibly fun

iphone-se-3 (2).jpg

iPhone SE

For the "normal" pictures and movies I use my iPhone SE. 

For editing the movies on the tour

I use iMovie.

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