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The nice thing about a rest day on a bike trip is that you don't have to do much. The stupid thing is only if you still wake up at 5:30 and then have plenty of time to do nothing - no matter.

After getting up, I first took care of the mandatory program on such a rest day. For me, this essentially includes washing clothes and taking care of the bike. Since I have a washing machine in my small "studio apartment", the first task was quickly brought on the way and the second also done quickly.

After breakfast, which here consists of either egg, vegetables, cheese or sweet, I stepped in front of the hotel and was virtually at the central Skanderbeg Square. The nice thing about Tirana is that all the sights of the city are located near this square on an area of 1 square kilometer. A round trip by bus or streetcar you can safely forget about it.

I don't want to list all the sights here (what others have done long ago and better). If you want to have a quick overview, you can find it here:

My impressions I have cut together in the following video:

Impressive was the visit to an old nuclear bunker from the communist era, which now houses a museum "Bunk'Art" showing the political history of Albania through monarchy, communism and liberation in the early 1990.

In Albania in general and in Tirana in particular, there is a lot of cycling - which I did not expect. This leads to the fact that there is also a corresponding infrastructure for cyclists: Bike lanes, parking spaces, bike stores,...

I also used parts of the afternoon simply for regeneration. Tomorrow I start into the Albanian mountains further east. The goal is to be in Thessaloniki in five stages. Since I'm really good in time, the stages in the coming week, also because of the altitude, will be somewhat more moderate - I'm excited.

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