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Salzburg - one day off (for me!)

After a week on tour, the rest day was more than welcome. Two nights in the same hotel are also nice. Since I had already visited the laundromat yesterday, the tasks of the day were relaxing, Salzburg sightseeing and once review the bike.

After breakfast, I cycled from the hotel into the city. The entire city was closed to traffic because today was Salzburg Marathon. So I took advantage of the good weather to watch others in their efforts this time.

Here, though, the good weather meant that by noon, as temperatures rose, so did the runners' mile times. As with most marathons, there were also several music groups along the route - a nice spectacle. I would like to exclude here the bagpipe group. For me, the bagpipes lead to an immediate drop in performance - so nothing for a marathon.

In the city I met a retired couple from the USA / Idaho. The two are traveling for a month in Europe to work off their bucket list of places they have not yet seen but always wanted to see. All by train and all organized by themselves.

After strolling through town, I spent the rest of the day trying to get through the day with as little effort as possible. Has worked. In the evening the bike got a check and I have already taken a look at tomorrow and the coming days. Mountains full!

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Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
07. jun. 2023

Beautiful city and the perfect place fooff. I wn the late 90s and I must revisit. I can imagine it was very satisfying watching the marathon runners whilst you have a relaxing day off after a week.

Synes godt om
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