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It's starting again...

Updated: May 14, 2023

Welcome to all those who are interested in my bike trip 2023. The conditions for the tour with time off from work, the "go" from Iris and sufficient own motivation for this adventure are given.

The tour will certainly be quite different this time than my tour to Barcelona - and that is also part of the plan. And that primarily does not refer to higher, further and heavier.

Yes, this trip will be at least more physically demanding. But that won't make the main difference to the 2022 trip, but the differentness of the countries, their culture and the mentality of the people there - especially in the second half of the trip.

But until the start in mid-May 2023 is still time but also a lot of preparation to do. At the moment I'm creating the website on which I will regularly report on the tour and tinker with the route.

I am already incredibly looking forward to the adventure.

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