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9. Stage from Villach to Ljubljana

I'm out early and also wanted to start early, because today was a long stage with a little over 140km ahead of me. The weather report had warned me in advance that there should be rain. And so it should also come.

Villach and my hotel will both not make it into the top 20 of my travel highlights. Even though the street in front of the hotel was nicely decorated with umbrellas. When I think about it now, this is actually a classic self-fulfilling prophecy - never mind.

Shortly after my start in Villach it actually started to rain. And it did so for most of the day. Not a thunderstorm but a steady downpour with thick drops. As gray as the pictures in the Relive video are, as gray was my mood. Therefore, there is not much more to report from today's stage.

Only in Ljubljana it stopped raining. The city is absolutely historic and young at the same time - a great mixture. Lots of nice little stores, historic buildings, a river and nice pubs and restaurants. A compensation for the dull cycling day. Here you can definitely come again for 2-3 days.

On the statistics of the trip stood today:

  • driven over 1,000km

  • climbed over 10.000 Hm

  • sat on the bike for over 48 h

  • made 5 country points

With that in mind and my current exhaustion, I'm going to cut 100km off tomorrow by train to Rijeka. This will also help me to make it to the island of Rab tomorrow evening. To do this, I have to get on Krk at 18:20 the ferry. Then I'm on the Mediterranean 😎.

And here are the pictures from the rainy day:

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