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6. Stage from Mühldorf am Inn to Salzburg

As planned, I got up early, had breakfast and was already sitting on the bike shortly before 8pm. The Hotel Bastei has made the parting very easy. In addition, a day lay ahead of me on which it should finally be warmer. And so it was: plenty of sun and temperatures up to 21°C.

The first half of today's stage had all the elevation gain of the day. No epic climbs, but a constant up and down in really lovely pre-Alpine landscape. And then suddenly they were there on the horizon: the Alps. After a good week on the bike, a great moment.

The second half of the tour ran along the Salzach River and was flat as a board. This was also a welcome change after the many climbs of the last week. Short break in the beer garden and then I was already in Salzburg. My dear father then immediately sent me a picture from childhood days in Salzburg. I am the one in the cannon.😵‍💫😵‍

I spent the afternoon with such mundane things as Giro, shopping and a visit to a laundromat. Because tomorrow is a day break and there I want to do nothing at all. A little stroll through Salzburg and drink cappuccino - nothing else!

And here are the pictures of today's stage:

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