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5. Stage from Regensburg to Mühldorf am Inn

Our hotel in Regensburg (Hotel Kaiser-Hof) was right next to the cathedral. My room had a direct view of the cathedral and forecourt. Disadvantage: Here was the start and finish point of all groups of young guys who had gone on Zech tour to the "Regensburger Dult" (equivalent to the Munich Oktoberfest) - until deep into the night. But very lively and absolutely central.

In the morning, before 7 o'clock, Stefan had to make his way to the train station. A short, hard goodbye and there they were over the three beautiful days together - thank you very much for that! As a consolation, there was breakfast for me in the hotel in a hall that looked like a church from the inside - very impressive.

The day was mostly friendly, sometimes a little cloudy and it got a little warmer. Today I had the first time the feeling that I get used to the load so slowly. Let's see if that continues.

The route itself was today 120km long and wavy. The landscape as in the past days. Time for a change. The only city on the way was Landshut. Here we had apple strudel, cappuccino and coke for lunch. The nice thing about such a bike trip is that you can eat what you want, it is not enough to compensate for the calories consumed - luxury problem!

If you assume that you have 1-3 strike results on a long trip, then I had my first today: Mühldorf and my "Hotel Bastei". The hotel is located in an industrial area and has the charm of a highway service area near Milan. The place itself doesn't exactly sweep you off your feet either. Shower, eat, sleep and drive on tomorrow.

It goes in the direction of the Alps to Austria. Tomorrow is the destination Salzburg and thus I will conclude my first week and allow me Sunday a day of rest in Salzburg before it continues south via the Alpe-Adria-Radweg.

The pictures of the day:

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