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4. Stage from Weiden to Regensburg

The day started early and cool with only 6°C. But: the sun smiled cheerfully at us. Before the start today was a service on the bikes announced. My steering head bearing had to be tightened a little, the screws on the rack checked, chain cleaned and greased and for safety again tighten the thru axles - check!

The tour today was, at least compared to the last three days, short and flat, it went more altitude meters downhill than uphill. In addition, the sun and a moderate tailwind - very nice! We were able to ride almost exclusively on paved bike paths or farm roads.

The only "excitement" on the ride was a small operation on the gear shift of Stefan's gravel bike, but we brought it to a good and successful end with four hands. The bike still runs. For this we rewarded ourselves in the first beer garden with Almdudler, espresso, coke and coffee. The rest was beautiful but unspectacular.

In Regensburg, however, the pope boxed. The city was full like on the 4th Saturday of Advent. Some folk festival has brought together many people in lederhosen and dirndls to celebrate exuberantly in Regensburg. The lively hustle and bustle was a welcome change from days past. Regensburg is also a great, historic city. It's a great place to come back to.

Today was already the last day Stefan Dombrowski accompanied me. So a final dinner together with burgers and sweet potato fries and from tomorrow I'm on the road again alone.

The pictures of the day in short:

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