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3. Stage from Plauen to Weiden in der Oberpfalz

In the morning, our Chinese hostel father and his wife surprised us with a fantastic breakfast. Incredible what you still get for 10€. And they really made an effort and asked at least 20 times if we still need or want something.

The day was pretty cold. On the tour it was partly below 10°C. The sky was mostly gray, only in the afternoon there was some sun. The ride dragged on a bit at first. Today we had on the 126km altitude meters full.

In the Czech Republic I had the feeling to travel for the first time. Different language, different currency, different landscape. In fact, the route through the Czech Republic was really beautiful. Good roads, dense deserted forests with many small lakes. And we had an original Czech cappuccino with sweet bits in a bakery with bar - including the appropriate atmosphere.

In the end it was another long day on the bike. But the day's highlight "Czech Republic" and also Weiden with a nice hotel in a historic city gate compensated us. The next three stages will then be a little less demanding and there is a little more time to explore.

Here are the pictures of the day:

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