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29. Stage from Alexandroupolis to Kesan

Today I have longed for several reasons. On the one hand, the 12th and last country point was due today with reaching Turkey and on the other hand, I saw the first sign on which Istanbul was announced with distance information. I am on the right way.

The route itself today was rather monotonous. Up to the border I drove again the well developed country road and from the border it was actually a highway on which one may cycle. The stretch from the border to Kesan are 30 km of straight road, which makes as a highlight to half a 15 ° bend, which you do not notice when driving - you can see that on the Relive video quite well.

The border crossing itself was kept rather simple from the Greek side, just like the other (unspectacular) border crossings in recent weeks. Differently on the Turkish side. Here the border crossing had rather something monumental. From the flagpole in tower height to the stadium roofing with curved arches to the passport control. However, the procedure for entry was much more intensive than at all other border crossings.

And then I was in Turkey and there was also my traffic sign with the indication that there are still 230 km to Istanbul. The emotional highlight of the day.

Shortly before Kesan I met a Polish couple from Gdansk again. It was to be recognized on the first view that the two do not make a short vacation on the bike. The two are on the road for 2 months and are on a planned Trip for 3 years around the world by bike.

The two tell of their journey on Instagram under "CoupleCycling" (#CyclingAroundTheWorld). A really great couple with an exciting story.

Kesan is the first major city after the border with a population of about 75,000. At the moment, the whole city seems agitated to me and like one blinking bazaar. I still need some time to get accustomed to my new home.

On my way through the city a man approached me and introduced himself as Mustafa Mese. 64-year-old owner of a textile store. He rides Harley and mountain bike and is a member of the local bike club "Sardos". We arranged to meet later and he invited me for tea. He told me his story (lived in Cologne for 20 years) and I told him a bit about my trip. Really very nice.

If the price for today's exciting contacts was the dull route, then I would pay this "price" again tomorrow immediately. Türkiye'ye Hoş Geldiniz!

And here is today's route:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 17, 2023

A non too interesting day made wonderful by people. It’s always about the people. Welcome to Turkey!

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