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28. Etappe from Komotini to Alexandroupolis

After writing the blog yesterday, I strolled for an hour through Komotini. Since there is virtually no tourism here, you will find only locals and their way of life. This also applies to the food. That means no pizzerias and no gyros stalls.

I asked the friendly person at the reception for a tip for dinner. He recommended me the restaurant "Kapsuli". He would also go there often for dinner with his wife. And that was a really excellent tip. Fresh, delicious and unbeatable in price-performance - really terrific.

Since today was only a short stage with a good 60 km on the program, I wanted to take my time with breakfast and the departure times. Did not succeed - was at 7:30 already on the bike. Destination for today is the city of Alexandroupolis, a port and university city on the Mediterranean Sea.

The first part of the route was on small roads and farm roads. At the half of the route was then today's mountain classification. Nothing wild, but incredibly beautiful. A federal road without traffic with pleasant climbs, super views and a rushing downhill. Great route!

And then I was almost there. Shortly before Alexandroupolis I stopped at a church to photograph it. Thereby I got into conversation with the "presbyter" (priest of the parish). First I told him my story, then he told me the story of Christians and Muslims in Greece and Turkey. We both learned something.

Alexandroupolis is a normal city without tourist highlights. For me it is the last stop before Turkey. Since Thessaloniki I am increasingly more concerned about arriving than about the route and what there is to discover. I can't really resist that either. Obviously I long for the goal more than I wanted to admit it to myself so far. 5 weeks on the bike is a long time and I'm really looking forward to Istanbul.

The rest of the 300 km to the finish I have divided into the next 4 days - so no more unsolvable tasks. If it goes like this, I arrive on Sunday - in Istanbul.

And as always - the route of today with pictures:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 14, 2023

An interesting encounter and some incredible looking food. Another memorable day on an amazing journey. Keep going Stefan . Andy & Tracey

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