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27. Stage from Kavala to Komotini

Today I enjoyed, after many days once again, breakfast at the hotel buffet. At the moment I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight - that is otherwise rather rare. But at the moment with the physical load I can hardly eat against the consumption. So a few pounds also remain on the track - win-win 😀.

After the heady day yesterday, it was to be expected that today is not to increase. And as it is with self-fulfilling prophecies, it came to pass. The route was through the backcountry. Undulating landscape, agricultural. When I start photographing flowers on a bike trip, it's a sure sign with me that I've reached a maximum level of desperation.

As I progressed, however, there were interesting things to see. The Nestos river forms a delta under nature protection in the area of its mouth into the Mediterranean Sea. The crossing of some of these river arms was on today's route.

In the second part of the route I settled down in a cafe in a small town - as often for cafe and coke. When the locals found out that I came from Germany, the teasing started right away. The mood was a bit tense, probably the Merkel hardness from times of the protective umbrella for Greece is still in the heads. Had to go on anyway...

Not far from my destination, the road was suddenly (again) no longer there. It looked like it had been washed away. The established detour generated a few meters of altitude but also the passage through a beautiful river valley - the detour was worth it.

The rest of the route was then again like the beginning - transfer stage. My destination Komotini is the capital of the region East Macedonia and Thrakir. The city is not touristy, there is only normal life here. Let's see what you can still discover here during the day.

The pictures of the route in the Relive video:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 13, 2023

Ha ha I totally love the comment about flower photos. It really does say a lot about the day. We found ourselves doing the exact same thing in Spain. 😂😂😂

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