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26. Stage from Asprovalta to Kavala

After rain comes sunshine... Gladly I serve at this point once again the phrase pig. After yesterday's rainy day with little appealing route, today has delivered the opposite. For a bike trip it can't hardly be better.

After a scant breakfast in the hotel room, I was already on the road at 8 o'clock. After rolling in the first 10 km, my track today ran completely along the coastline.

In the first third I rode over 12 km on a road directly on the beach. Partly there was even a bike path - who would have expected that here. In the places rather restrained tourism, in between beaches without end and clear water. There are no hotel strongholds here. There are many small, somewhat outdated hotels in the towns. You won't find the glamorous chic here, but a lot of Mediterranean atmosphere.

From the half of the route I changed to the "Old National Road". This road, I assume, was the traffic artery between the cities on the north coast before the 4-lane highway was built a bit inland. This "Old National Road" is in super condition and hardly traveled. I had a 10 km section on which I saw more turtles than cars - and all with a view of the Mediterranean.

The weather contributed its share to this wonderful day. The thunderstorms and rain of the last two days were forgotten. It was warm but not hot - just perfect.

Kavala, my today's goal, is an old port and commercial city directly at the gulf of Thasos of the Thracian sea (approx. 70,000 inhabitants). The historic old town is adorned by a castle. There are stores, cafes and a harbor. Everything you need for a relaxing afternoon and evening for the end of a really wonderful day. Let's hope that tomorrow does not tip back into the opposite. Therefore: enjoy the moment!

And here the route in the Relive video:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 13, 2023

That’s more like it! This sounds like an outst day in the saddle. Excellent. Love to you from Tracey and I . Andy

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