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25. Stage from Thessaloniki to Asprovalta

The change was again violent. After two days in Thessaloniki, an atmospheric lively big city, again out into the country 85 km through a flat plain lined with mountains. Hardly any people and little traffic.

The thunderstorm announced for today had already unloaded during the night. What remained was steady rain for the first 2-3 hours after my start. At least the rain was warm and not so heavy that I could still ride well. So I tried to limit myself to asphalt roads today and avoid gravel roads. The pictures I took along the route probably resemble those of the last few days. So it is just at the moment.

Since there was nothing to get on the track today, I got into lower handlebar position and hit the ground running. I think I stopped once for a drink and twice for a photo. I also took the rest of the pictures while driving. After 4 hours, the topic was then also done for today.

In the second half the rain stopped and it slowly dried up. That did well. My today's destination is directly at the sea - and that did also good. As soon as I was at the water, the unpleasant start of this morning was forgotten. Asprovalta is a nice resort and this time I chose a hotel on premise - Hotel "el Mare" - located directly on the promenade and thus also directly on the sea - was clear with the name. A nice house, family-run and with many flowers on the balcony.

As a reward I went for a swim. Apparently I had not yet become wet enough - today. Since Sunday is, there was then still a piece of cake, before it goes again through the place.

Tomorrow the weather will be more stable and the route runs almost completely by the sea - sounds promising.

And here the route from today:

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1 комментарий

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
13 июн. 2023 г.

It’s amazing how you can experience every emotion in one day on such a journey. I’m pleased that the rain eased and you finished in a lovely place. 🚴❤️

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