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24. Stage from Edessa to Thessaloniki

At 7 o'clock I had breakfast. I wanted to leave early again to have come as far as possible by the midday heat. The farewell from my hotel Elena was not difficult for me. The hotel will have had its heyday in the 70s of the last millennium.

The way from Edessa led again directly at the waterfall steeply downhill and gave to the parting again a nice view of the plain, which I wanted to drive through today.

After the departure from Edessa came in principle also nothing more about it to report worthwhile. The stage had a total of 180 meters of altitude and ran either on the main road or on side roads through orchards and fields. Everything could be driven super - average: 21.5 km / h - for me and with luggage is high.

The highlight of the ride was the break halfway. Here the friendly bakery saleswoman advised me in detail in Greek on the merits of all their sweet baked goods. I opted for a mix of sweet sins, cappuccino, coke and a water - makes 5.20€ - incredibly good.

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece after Athens and a port city. Accordingly, the drive into the city turned out to be charming. Survived it and moved into a nice apartment in the middle of the city. This time for two days, because tomorrow is a day break for me before it goes on the last section to Istanbul.

Tomorrow I will look at the city, take care of the bike, rest and especially plan the stages of the next few days. For tomorrow I will also give myself a day off from writing the blog. Then there will be something new again on Monday, when I set off from Thessaloniki.

And here for completeness the stage of today as Relive video:

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