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22. Stage from Ohrid to Bitola

When I woke up this morning I was in a bad mood. The first time on this trip that I found it hard to get going. The morning routines of getting ready and packing usually help me Not to think about the length and effort of the stage. Today it didn't help. Maybe it was the bad food from last night - never mind.

My mood got better again when I had been sitting on the bike for the first hour. The stage had nothing spectacular today. Two mountain classifications on approx. 1,200 m height and a place in the middle. Otherwise, a lot of greenery and mountains.

The first part reminded me at times of the East Harz. A lot of deciduous forest and densely overgrown. The difference to North Macedonia is in any case, that in the Harz the roads are not provided on both sides with an incredible amount of garbage. Today it struck me especially that also every stop bay is a bulky waste dumping zone. The valley is called "Paradise Valley".

So far I've been on the main road, which has not been a problem because there has been little traffic and the drivers are considerate. In the second part of today's stage I drove on small side roads. That was really fantastic. When a day starts off badly, the nice thing is that you can be sure that it will definitely get better. And so it was today. The trails were beautiful and almost traffic free. The climbs were exhausting, but the descents were just as long and exhilarating.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Bitola. The city is full of people. The cafes all full and a huge hustle and bustle. Life really pulsates here. In addition, I have a great apartment that is completely newly equipped incl. access to a washing machine and a dryer - so today is unexpected washing day and I can roll tomorrow with clean clothes and hopefully in a better mood in Greece.

The pictures of today's tour:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 08, 2023

Be kind to yourself Stefan. You are entitled to some emotional ups and downs. It’s hard on the road at times. it will pass.

such a shame to see lovely places covered in litter. We saw this in Spain - in truth it’s often the way in the UK. very sad. We are with you.

Andy & Tracey

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