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21. Stage along Ohrid Lake to Sveti Naum

Today I am on the road without luggage by bike. The plan was to stay two nights in Ohrid, as I am well in time for a "punctual" arrival in Istanbul. And since Lake Ohrid - according to the googled travel descriptions - is a pearl of the Balkans with many sights and POI`s, I used today to explore the area.

Since I came yesterday over the west side of the lake from Albania, I explored today the east shore to the south of the lake. From Ohrid, there is actually a promenade with a bike road for the first few kilometers, which made driving south very pleasant. Afterwards I went on the country road along the lake, which was no problem, because there was hardly any traffic and the potholes are easily visible. The further south it went the hillier it became. Exhausting, but good for the view.

At the south end of the lake are two attractions. One is the monastery of Sveti Naum, whose foundation dates back over 1,000 years, and the lake's karst springs. These underground springs produce crystal clear water and are the only springs that feed the lake.

On the way back, I stoppen briefly at a pile village. This museum, "Bay of Bones", built on the water, deals with the prehistoric history of the lake, which is said to be one of the oldest lakes on earth.

In the early afternoon I was back in Ohrid. Here was now some duty again: shopping, route planning, hotel booking,... Afterwards still another extensive stroll by Ohrid. Here it becomes slowly more and more oriental. The number of veiled women is increasing and the markets are turning into bazaars. Then a Danish surfer couple came to the hotel and it was a convivial evening.

To complete here are the pictures of today's tour:

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Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
07 jun. 2023

Wow! What a ”day off“ a beautiful area, you have definitely inspired us to look at this for a potential future trip. make sure you get some non cycling rest too! Love Andy & Tracey

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