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20. Stage from Elbasan to Ohrid

After the Gravel debacle of the previous day, I had taken today's tour thereupon again under the magnifying glass. It should be today - essentially - the exact opposite.

After the start from my somewhat joyless hotel near Elbasan, it went immediately along the Albanian main road further in the direction of the mountains. Basically, the first 55 km of today's stage was the climb to a pass just before the border with northern Macedonia. In several waves I ittered up to the good 1,000 meters height of the pass.

Thanks to the federal highway, the gradient percentages were mostly still in the single digits and could still be ridden with the 30-32 transmission without losing face (thanks to Matthias Fuchs for installing). The only exception was a side track from Komoot that started with a 14% grade before turning back into an unpaved heavy-gravel slog - for 3 km.

Up to the pass, there's not much new to report that I haven't already described in the last few days. Elevation gain and lots of nice views of the river that ran near the road.

Just before the border at the highest point of today's tour was a gas station and a cafe. Here I spent my last Albanian Lek and motivated me with cappuccino, ice cream and coke for the onward journey.

From up here one had already a dreamlike view of the Ohridsee - my today's goal. After the border crossing to northern Macedonia, the road was super freshly tarred and the downhill (-400 meters altitude) was smooth. Down at the lake, the route was flat and mostly on bike roads at the lake.

In Ohrid, my today's stage goal, I booked myself in for two nights. Since I am well in time I will explore tomorrow from here (of course by bike) the sights along the lake.

The course of today's route with pictures:

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1 Comment

Andy Dennis
Andy Dennis
Jun 06, 2023

Finally we are passing comment on your amazing odyssey . You are making excellent progress and seeing some incredible places . We hope you enjoyed yesterdays climb 😂😂😂. Enjoy your well earned rest days . Andy & Tracey

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