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16. Stage from Dubrovnik to Kotor

There are moments on this journey when I ask myself why I'm doing this and whether I can do this and such crap. Today was one of those days where the "why" was perfectly clear: the world is so incredibly beautiful!

After a first climb I could say goodbye with a beautiful view from the top of Dubrovnik. Up to the airport it went along the main road. Since you get on well but the traffic is borderline as a cyclist.

Behind Zvekovica a plain enclosed by mountains opened up. The route ran 15 km on good asphalt and without that I saw another vehicle. Slightly undulating course, bordered by mountains - incredibly beautiful.

Before the border with Montenegro, the route branched off onto a section that was listed on Komoot as "dirt road". True enough. The trail was totally unpaved and probably not ridden by anyone but me in the last three years. The fight through the brush can be seen in the pictures of the day.

Then came the border to Montenegro. Here I could again pass the waiting cars with friendly greetings and cross the border without any problems. The supervisory staff there did not want to see my ID card when I had it already prepared in my hand. As I said, no one suspects a danger emanating from cyclists.

Then behind Herceg Novi the unbelievable beauty of Montenegro showed up. It can not be put into words how beautiful it is here. At the end of today's tour I drove a good 25 km directly on the bay to Kotor - incredibly beautiful - really.

In addition to the overwhelming landscape, but today was again bike-care on the program. So that it is documented that I collect here not only fine-spiritual experiences and impressions but also everyday life takes place, I have recorded it once:

And here are the beautiful pictures of the day:

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