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15. Stage from Gradac to Dubrovnik

As planned I left early again and as announced yesterday it was again a stage along the Croatian coastline with small detours into the backcountry.

In the middle of today's tour there is the "Neum Corridor". This is a narrow coastal strip that belongs to Bosnia-Herzegovina and gives the country access to the Mediterranean Sea. This strip divides the Croatian mainland into two parts. After 9 km I left Bosnia-Herzegovina again. For leaving and re-entering the EU, the border crossing was unspectacular. Cars were stopped, I was waved through.

After the two long stages of the past two days, I was glad to finally arrive in Dubrovnik in the afternoon. I got a room in the middle of town on the "Stradun" the main promenade. The city is awesome and fascinates me incredibly. The whole city center is a historical backdrop without exception. No wonder that parts of "Game of Thrones" were filmed here.

Today I said goodbye to my camping equipment and sent it home in the package by mail. I decided for myself that I want to afford a real bed in the evening on this tour. And in front of the hotel I met a group of 4 young Germans who are on their way from Split to Greece - there was enough time for a common espresso.

And here times a small video messages with greetings and more info from the day:

Here are the pictures of today's stage:

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