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14. Stage from Split to Gradac

Split is beautiful. But since I arrived yesterday early in the day and was also already with Iris a few days in Split, I decided to stay only one night. To that I would have had to change the hotel.

The goal is to get to Dubrovnik in the next two days. This is according to Komoot 223 km and over 3000 Hm. Even divided into two days, that's a board for me. If it succeeds, then I have a somewhat smaller average daily workload of 80-100 km for the rest of the trip. Altitude meters come but still plenty. So that I also arrive in Istanbul, I have eleminated some "detours" for tourist reasons, which were included in the original Versinon.

To escape the heat I left quite early. I was already on the bike shortly after 7 am and started to climb the first climbs. The route leads today, except for a branch into the backcountry, within sight of the coast along. So again many views and nice little places have shown. This repeats itself, but at the moment I still enjoy it.

The early start was a good idea, because I had already done 2/3 of the route at noon. The rest went then also still somehow. And as a little animal lover I had my experience again today: flocks of sheep. (I'm looking forward to the releasing dogs in Albania 😬).

Tomorrow there is again a similar nature stage but at the end is then Dubrovnik - I'm excited.

The pictures of the day:

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