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13. Stage from Sibenik to Split

This morning I have made myself times really early on the way. Since there was no breakfast in my beautiful apartment, I made myself a soluble coffee and yesterday already bought a chocolate croissant and a yogurt - perfect breakfast - let`s go.

On the first half it was to work off the majority of the altitude meters. The route was on super paved roads somewhat in the hinterland. Sunday - and no traffic at all. That let itself extremely smoothly drive. The views were magnificent again.

While I counted the snakes yesterday, I actually encountered two live ones today. Since they are very shy, they hide as soon as they have noticed me. Besides there are also many lizards, but they hide just as fast. Therefore here two pictures from the Allmanach of Prof. Grzimek.

In the last third of the tour we went through residential and urban areas in the direction of Split. As beautiful as the city is, you first have to go through the ugly belt around the city and through a lot of traffic - but done.

As a reward, there was then an ice cream while sightseeing. The city is really magical. I recognized many things from our vacation together with Iris. Since I was already around noon in Split and enough time for a stroll in the afternoon was (including the visit to the laundromat), I will continue tomorrow - direction Dubrovnik, destination still unknown.

Here the tour from today:

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