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12. Stage from Zadar to Sibenik

Hotel Porto, where I had found lodging in Zadar, also hosted two busloads of Asian tourists. Breakfast was a pure feast of smacking.

For the day I had planned to get to Split. That was an ambitious 150km. I rescheduled during the day and decided on a stopover in Sibenik. The pairing of altitude and length was not for me to create today. In addition, there was a high proportion of gravel roads and a rain break just before Sibenik. That's just the way it is. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Shortly after the start a turtle jumped in front of my bike. Fortunately I reacted faster than the animal. I think at the end of the trip I could write a long book about the anatomy of roadkill. It's really all there. Today I counted 16 roadkill snakes. From freshly rolled over to deeply massaged into the asphalt everything was really there. Only one living snake I haven't seen yet - maybe it's better that way. I spare myself photos at this point.

As already said the way led much over unpaved roads. This is nice quiet but with luggage were partly bad to drive, because sections were really badly gravelled. In addition, it significantly lowers the cut.

There were really nice sections along the coast again. In Vodice I have allowed me to strengthen a pizza and 1.5l water (and an espresso ☕️ ).

Shortly before Sibenik then burst a short, heavy rain down and forced me to an involuntary break. After that the weather was good again and I could roll into Sibenik. Here I have a small apartment in the middle of the old town - very nice.

And here is the day's summary:

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