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11. Stage from Rab to Zadar

Updated: May 27, 2023

Today was a day from which you could have made three, because there was so much to see and also some cycling people have crossed my path and we had a really good time together.

But it's best to start at the beginning. The plan was to continue from Rab to the island of Pag with a ship that also transports bicycles. Whether this would succeed, was not yet clear until the morning. One should be at 12 o'clock in the port of Rab. There should be a boat there - probably. So I drove in the morning the 12km from my hotel to the port of Rab.

There I met as first Door again, a Dutchwoman from the proximity of Ütrecht, which is with her bike on the way to Korfu/ Greece. We had already spoken on the ferry to Rab. In tow she had a couple also from Holland, who also wanted to cross to Pag. As the fifth came Zac to it. He comes from southern Germany and drives with his mountain bike for two weeks through Croatia. I had already met him in Ljubljana. A colorful bunch of bike travelers!

As a lively group of 5, we then managed to board the "Meslina" and with her and her skipper to Pag to put over (7km).

The Dutch couple said goodbye after the crossing and the three of us rode together across the island. The beautiful impressions, landscapes and views I try not to describe with words. In the Relive video will be a few of them.

In the course of the day, our paths then separated again, because everyone then has his own personal goal and his own rhythm. But the hours were great - thanks to you for driving together!

Since we started only around 1 pm after the ferry on Pag and with me at the end of 110km on the speedometer, I have just made it in the light to Sadar.

And here the route (still without pictures of the day):

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