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10. Stage from Ljubljana to Rab

As announced yesterday, today I allow myself a shortcut by train from Ljubljana to Rijeka. For this I actually had to set my alarm clock for 6 o'clock, so that I get my train ready to travel at 8 o'clock.

So far so good. The train was actually already on the platform a quarter of an hour before departure. The wagon for the bikes was quickly identified, load the bike, tie it down and ready. And immediately the train rolled up - much too early!? But then he stopped again suddenly and friendly railwaymen explained to me that I am in the train part, which was just uncoupled and is on the way to the depot - that would have been stupid, but it is not. The "right" train unfortunately had no places for bikes, so I had to improvise.

From Rijeka, I then sat on my bike and went. It is finally warm, the sun is shining and there it is: the Mediterranean Sea. This part of the trip I would have made.

Out of the city it was bustling with traffic. And one thing quickly became clear to me: cycling in Croatia will be different than before. Neither is there space for cyclists nor is consideration taken - here I will try to drive the rather small roads.

I continued towards the island of Krk, which is connected to the mainland by a spectacular bridge. On the second half of the island, the traffic also became less and driving a little quieter. The first days here I am always flashed by the landscape, the views and the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

In the south of the island of Krk I am then on the ferry to the next island of Rab. The place at the arrival point on Rab is Lopar. Here I found an apartment at short notice.

So, today I still have to think about where it goes on tomorrow and which ferries go when and also transport bicycles.

Here now my entire itinerary from today (incl. train ride and the ferry):

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