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1. Stage from Wolfenbüttel to Halle

It was really hard to say goodbye.

With the length of the tour, I asked myself for the first time in Wendessen whether everything is so right what I'm doing here. I'm curious when the first time the feeling really comes up on the trip to be and when you feel the first time really far away. Today I have definitely not reached this state.

The route to the former border along the B79 I have often driven - nothing new. In Saxony-Anhalt it went then mainly on farm roads and armor plate paths through farmland. Since the way was car-free and the weather was good, my mood has brightened.

Behind Staßfurt I went on the Saale cycle track. Again I have collected here a whole bag full elevator meters. Along the Saale it was also really nice - apart from two rain showers. Here I have then also noticed the first time that today is a long day.

But on the first day I wanted to make some distance and not already spend the first night in Halberstadt. So I made it to Halle.

Tomorrow morning Stefan Dombrowski, my old friend from my scouting days, will join me. Then we drive three day together - is planned up to Regensburg. I'm really looking forward to it.

And here my day brightened up with pictures and music!

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