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Istanbul by bike

from Wolfenbüttel to Istanbul

After my bike trip to Barcelona in 2022 went very well for me (, lasting impressions remained and I met many interesting people on this bike tour, it came to the point that I asked myself: What`s next?

To make a long story short - a new idea was born:

Istanbul by bike!










On this website I provide information about the motivation, preparation and planning of this adventure.


In the blog I will report about the course with daily updates of my tour (if possible) and the surely exciting "deviations" between planning and reality.

I hope to infect one or the other with (bike) travel fever - have fun!






asc [m]



The Track

The planning of the track is based on a tour I found on the net.

In the detailed planning I have adapted the track according to my ideas.

You can find more about the route via the menu or here. 

bisher gefahren (Start der Tour 15. Mai 2023):

3.204 km

31.024 Hm

171 h 31 min

Breaking News

nächst Etappe / next stage:

Mission accomplished

letzte Etappe / last driven stage:

Silivri - Istanbul

18. Juni 2023

82 km / 863 Hm


500 Terry Francois Street, 6th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94158


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